Accommodation at the Andover Crisis Centre

Accommodation at the Andover Crisis and Support Centre

The first step in offering support to a woman who wishes to leave an abusive relationship is the offer of safe accommodation.  The circumstances of the individual will dictate the location and duration of the accommodation offered.  If the woman is in danger she will be offered accommodation at the Centre, no matter what the time of day or night.  If there is not a bedroom available, a temporary bed/beds will be offered in one of our day rooms to keep the woman safe until more suitable accommodation can be sourced.  There are occasions when it is not safe for the women to remain in the locality; alternative refuge space will be identified.

Women offered accommodation on a longer term basis will have individual support from a named staff member in order to address their issues.  Support plans provide a framework from which to identify and manage risks, assess needs and address future plans.  Support plans are designed to cover a wide range of health and social issues including accessing appropriate health services including drug and alcohol support, budgeting, maximising income and move on accommodation.

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