Support at the Andover Crisis and Support Centre

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The uniqueness of the Centre lies in its drop-in facility and the helpline it runs for all members of the community – both men and women. Whether visitors are in need of a quiet moment and a cup of tea or information on issues as wide ranging as homelessness, stress, abuse or sexual health, Centre workers are on hand to lend a listening ear. The Centre strives to offer a supportive environment where people can discover their own strengths and hopefully make positive changes to their lives.

Rural Outreach

It is not always necessary to leave your home to escape domestic abuse, there is plenty that can be done before hand to provide emotional support and practical advice for women who do not want to leave home. Living in villages can make it difficult to get access to the help and information available at the Centre – so our Rural Support Worker is taking her work out to people who need it. However, please remember if you are in danger of physical harm leaving your home in the short term may be your only option

Children and Young People

Growing up in the midst of domestic violence takes its toll. A Child and Young Person Worker is on hand at the Centre to make their stay as trouble-free and fun as possible, and the work does not stop when they leave move on to their new lives.

The CRUSH Programme which promotes healthy relationships is being delivered to 13 – 19 year old young people in local secondary schools and the college.

  1. The ability to identify the characteristics of a healthy, nurturing teenage relationship and those of an abusive one
  2. Recognise the warning signs and indicators and safely end abusive relationships.
  3. Seek appropriate help and intervention.
  4. To recognise the influence of peers, media and popular culture.
  5. To understand the rights and responsibilities of young people, agencies and communities.
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